Tantric Synergy

Learn the sacred practices of Tantra, and learn how to turn sex into a precious gift

For people who know there is something more, who want to feel more alive in their bodies, have more pleasure, and transform their relationships - discover the art of Tantra. Melbourne based Tantric Synergy offers private sessions and workshops to teach these simple skills - all attainable for today's urban dweller:


Private sessions for Men or Women
Learn the sacred practices to turn sex into a precious gift – an experience which is honouring rather than mechanical. Men learn how to direct their sexual energy instead of being at its mercy. Women discover how to allow more intimacy and pleasure through the body.

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The Tantra coaching sessions provide tools, discussion and sacred practices, allowing you to open to a new level of trust and deeper intimacy with your partner. The first session teaches you the basic skills you need to change your old habits, by slowing down the breath and connecting with awareness to new sensations in the body.

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Tantra Workshops for Men or Women
Tantric Synergy runs regular information evenings for those curious about the idea of Tantra, and also holds workshops, courses and Skype sessions for people wanting to know deep intimacy, to heal, and to discover themselves in new and profound ways.

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The true journey of Tantra is the study of life and illumination. At our essence is our life force energy, which can be moved through us, providing us with our creativity, our juice, our intellect, drive and passion. This is the battery pack that charges our being, and it flows through us as sexual energy. In our western world we have been conditioned to squash our natural energy flow, and many people live their lives a little switched off, with dulled senses, as they hold themselves back from feeling fully, to go through their daily tasks and duties.


So what happens in a private Tantric Synergy session? Listen to an excerpt from Ron’s first booking with Stephanie, for a sense of how you’ll be supported in your private session.

Why Tantric Synergy, Melbourne?

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your relating, reach the heart of your partner or future lovers, or discover your own orgasmic potential, then Tantric Synergy is for you.

Tantric Synergy is not about performance or friction release, nor does it perpetuate the “porn sex” mentality. You’ve probably already seen the sites that call themselves “Tantra” that provide those services.

Here however, is where you master your sexual power, find your true potency, and discover how to break open in bliss with your lover – taking sex to another level. This is authentic Tantra, where conscious sexuality is developed, where old habits can be shed, and your intention to own and delight in your intimate life is honoured. Here you receive the benefit of experience, skill, empathy and deep insight, and can trust in the integrity and clarity of this guidance and these teachings.

Many people come to Tantric Synergy to get the spark back in their relationship. Men often want to control ejaculation, or want answers for erection difficulty. Many women are ready to discover their true orgasmic potential or just want to get out of their head and back into their body. As these issues are addressed with some simple practices, people discover that their whole world opens up, and they experience a more conscious and expanded way of being – and as reported by many, they become more open, present and switched-on in their everyday lives.

The first thing that people learn is to connect back with themselves. They open to that incredible life force energy that resides in all of us, and learn to surrender to its powerful creativity, love and bliss.

It is hard to describe the sense of complete communion, emotional and passionate loving intimacy that we’ve found through the methods and ways of being that we have practiced with your guidance. You are amazing at what you do and your gifts are so valuable and magical.
Sending you love and many thanks for all the lessons, and wanted you to know how deeply you have changed my life. Thank you! Biggest hugs
Thank you for providing the space for what was for me a truly enriching, empowering, embodying experience. Your guidance in the process seemed to fit in so well with what my body needed to express. My body seemed to be drawing me inwards and I allowed myself to follow it and the energy flowing through it. I felt like it already knew where to go and how to express. Your touch on my lower back physically released blockages within me. It was extraordinary to feel 'opened up' energetically. I felt my feminine ancestry run through me and experienced many moments of connection to past and present. I remember how helpful it was at one moment for you to lead by example to show me to connect back to my heart. It was beautiful to share this experience, staying in connection with you. I'm aware that I have much to learn in staying connected to myself whilst also being open and connected to another. The booklet you gave me has also been useful to explain so much. I'm looking forward to the next time. Thank you.
Phwaar... I'm feeling so exposed and tender and powerful.   I appreciate you and clearly see your contributions, sometimes very expressive, but often very subtle and gentle.  Thankyou
As someone who was really addicted to porn, I have still not even bothered, or thought about watching it. My exercises are enough, and I do them regularly. Learning to self pleasure and not ejaculate is still going good. Instead, my body is alive and energised for days. Erections are improving, which only teaches me, especially after the last session, how little feeling was in my body, and how removed from pleasure and connecting with my soul, or anyone else’s I was.
I would like to say a really big thank you. I have made astonishing progress. I was ready, but I didn't quite expect to move into such a rich space quite so quickly as I have done. So again, thank you for facilitating that, and for being so brave as to move into this field, and make the opportunity for me.