Body Whisperer Experience – Melbourne

Body Whisperer Experience – Melbourne

with Stephanie Phillips

This event is a unique experience, with in-depth content based on Stephanie’s 35 years of transformational work, bodywork mastery and on her dedicated contribution to the global movement in conscious sexuality.

Wisdom of the heart, Power of the belly, Freedom of ecstatic flow:

If you’re truly ready for some shifts in 2019, then the Body Whisperer Experience is it!

This 5 day non-residential “Body Whisperer Experience” guides you to reclaim the healthy aspects of your sexuality, energetic depth, and emotional intelligence.
Learn how to embody this transformation for yourself, and also how to guide this empowerment for others.

• Immerse in the processes to deeply re-connect with self
• Take home specific practices for your relating
• Design clear steps for what comes next in your life
• Practice the manifesting magic that can transform your everyday reality


When we were small we created patterns for survival that now as adults, no longer serve us as we seek a richer, more meaningful life. These old stories limit our ability to create in the world, limit our intimacy in relating, and limit our pleasure. We are orgasmic beings, and it was a learned response to shut that ecstatic current down. Here, we drop the constriction and the self talk that shuts down this vital essence within us. Here we claim back our power and our beauty. Here we drop the stories, and reset our reality for more love, power and freedom.

This experience is somatic, energetic, experiential – and powerful.
We draw on many different modalities that Stephanie has been working with for over 35 years – a culmination of her body of work, in a 5 day immersion!

– Creating a field of safety in sacred space
– Working with the elements and directions, following ancient traditions for healing rituals
– Connective massage and conscious touch with clear consent and agreements
– Opening to energetic orgasmic flow
– Honing emotional intelligence skills
– Staying in ease, aware, and present in the body
– Healing lineage patterning
– Visualisation for manifesting your fullest life
– Processes for clearing old relationship habits
– Shifting stuck belief systems
– Holding the small child within, to break the loop of past fears and societal programming – the ones that hold you back now


People of all genders, sexual orientation and relationship status are welcome.
Singles as well as couples find the experience life changing and enriching, taking their capacity for relating beyond where they’ve gone before.
Your boundaries are honoured. People’s personal choices are always respected.

Everybody chooses their own pace for this journey. This is about coming home to yourself, and allowing yourself the space to open your heart to the pleasure and power that wants to express through you.


The Body Whisperer Experience introduces practices for releasing physical, emotional and energetic restrictions in the body for clear awareness and grounded embodiment.
You’ll be shedding old blocks and stories. You’re releasing what no longer serves. This is not about pushing through. There is nothing to ‘achieve’ here. It’s about reconnecting with your body, your heart and your voice.

Whether you enrol to deepen your Tantric relating or for personal transformation, the Body Whisperer Experience highlights the ultimate wisdom of the body. This is about coming home to yourself, and allowing the pleasure and power that wants to express through you.

This process re-trains your nervous system. This means that you are shifting from the old habits, rewiring your neurology and opening new pathways for pleasure and open-hearted awareness through this different embodiment of sexual energy.


This is interactive and experiential. It’s an experience of expansion rather than disconnection, of opening rather than shutting down, of empowerment rather than fear and contraction.

Learn the tools for:
– Spotting the self-talk and drama loops, and being done with them for good
– Releasing physical, emotional and energetic constriction in the body
– Opening pleasure pathways in the body – that’s right – re-patterning through pleasure
– Learning the skills to come back to centre, using the breath and body awareness
– Shedding the learned resistance to our natural orgasmic flow
– Anchoring a new experience of ease and safety in the body
– Learn to honour your own boundaries in every moment, not abandoning yourself by disconnecting.

You’re also learning how to work these shamanic processes for others, and holding space for the emergence of their true embodiment.

Share group and solo practices for circulating sexual energy, for releasing old patterns and letting go of old triggers, for calling in a new reality, for being there for others in this process.
This is precious. This is honouring. This is sacred.


The group is kept limited in the number of participants (12 – 14).
There will be people there just like you, who are curious about what more is possible, and what treasures can arise from here. The bond that forms within the group throughout the course is one of the most precious gifts. Often unexpected deep friendships and support groups are formed spontaneously from these events. Just this one aspect of the workshop inspires me and truly touches my heart.

The content is paced for the group, and each person is encouraged to stay with what feels right for them. There is no benchmark of ‘liberation’ to achieve for anybody. It is actually the opposite. People’s personal choices are always respected.
You are supported in finding what is authentic for you, so that you can relax, without feeling pressured or anxious. At the same time, it will awaken the parts of you that yearn to be seen and expressed.


The course is hosted at a private venue near the Yarra River in Heidelberg, Melbourne.
It is non-residential, meaning that you will be able to go home each night. Travellers can book accomodation nearby, and some locals also choose to find somewhere close-by to stay so that they can drop deeply into the journey without the interruptions of daily life.


“Incredible day today during Stephanie Phillips’ Body Whisperer training. We are working with energetic touch. It is so incredible. Makes u feel in love with the world, yourself and everyone in it.
Amazing stuff…. There is no trauma with this energy.
Rejuvenating, loving, kind, exhilarating, peaceful. My inner Shakti and Shiva forces have been brought so much closer together.
This is heady stuff, very easy to float because of intense feelings of peace, joy and love…. Just beginning to come down and get grounded now….
It’s a whole other dimension in self realization and healing. Words can’t really do this healing modality justice! It’s off the planet!”


There is some theory, but essentially this is an experiential journey into self.
There will be some connective massage techniques covered, and there’ll be practice in emotional release processes.


– Connective massage to dissolve physical tension and create ease and trust
– Process work to release old patterns and emotional blocks
– Practices for flowing orgasmic energy through the body
– Shamanic guidance for transformational emergence

Also includes:
– The take home booklet: “Sex with your Light On”
– Demonstrations – process work and energetic bodywork
– Delicious healthy lunches each day
* This is a non-residential course


Day 1 – Friday:
Preparing the space
Shamanic ritual, ceremony and intention
Working with an energetic field
Unhooking attachments and cording

Day 2 – Saturday:
Polarity principles
Chakra activation
Breath, sound and movement for healing
Connective massage for relaxation, body awareness and energy flow

Day 3 – Sunday:
Release / de-armouring points in the body
Orgasmic breath

– Process work
– Energetic bodywork
– Focusing
– Safe Emotional Release

Day 4 – Monday:
– Parts work
– Healing the lineage from fear, guilt and shame
– Inner child integration
– Guided Visualisation

Day 5 – Tuesday:
– Clearing energy blocks that cause shut down in the body
– Reframing old patterns
– Higher vibration connection and guidance


February 15th – 19th 2019
11am – 7pm Friday
10am – 6pm Saturday, Sunday, Monday
10am – 4pm Tuesday


Tickets are $890.00
Early bird: $820.00 by Friday, January 11th 2019
(Apply Discount Coupon: “BW Early Bird”)

Cancellation Policy:

Booking for all events is non-refundable.

With 48 hours notice prior to the event, a credit may be given for the next event.


Stephanie initiates groups with Tantric and shamanic practices, pattern reframing and the deep remembering of their innate wisdom. This is the one place where arousal and sexual power is welcome and celebrated, as an integral part of this transformation. Her clear energetic transmission and trusted guidance supports others to awaken to their open-hearted power. She draws on her extensive background in Dance, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Reiki and the Healing Arts.

This event is a unique experience, with in-depth content based on Stephanie’s 35 years of transformational work, bodywork mastery and on her dedicated contribution to the global movement in conscious sexuality.


“Wow, what a powerful process facilitated by Stephanie. Five days of connection, support, witnessing, bodywork, releasing, reclaiming, massage, letting go, going to the edge, boundaries, rediscovery, healing, honesty, getting real, feeling, sharing, and more – way more. It’s hard to find the words for how important this program was for me – to go beyond my insecurities and self-consciousness to heal deep-seated wounds that needed to be acknowledged and witnessed. I will forever be grateful to Stephanie and the beautiful group of people that I had the privilege to share this powerful and empowering journey with. Blessings Stephanie. Deep bow.” Tamara

“Great to see that there are Tantra teachers with full integrity. Love the way you keep it light and simple but always ready to go deeper when it’s required. You are fantastic at holding space. You made me interested in this work again.” Will

“An extraordinary gift! A wild experience yet with sensitive respect for boundaries. Humanity at its most authentic.
Nurtured…. Stretched…. Nurtured…. Stretched…. Healed…
By Steph, assistants and a fabulous soundtrack
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou” Lindsay

“The Body Whisperer is a great opportunity to explore one’s depth. There are widely diverse participants who bring a rich variety of experiences and capabilities. If you haven’t done anything like this then you won’t be alone. Stephanie brings together years of experience and abilities. These are presented in such a way that even people new to this kind of work will feel satisfied there is a great understanding of how to explore these aspects of themselves in a skilful and sensitive way.” Adam

“Thank you for providing this transformative space. I love how inclusive you are of all genders and sexualities. I also love how including you are of the shadow. It is always refreshing to find Tantra teachers and spaces that are compatible with my path and accepting of me in general. Thank you. It means a lot. You have given us some great tools for transformation, life and practice. Thank you and Blessings.” Joanna

“The Body Whisperer was an amazingly significant experience for me. I was completely unprepared for the power of this group experience and will be utilizing what I have learned every day for the rest of my life no doubt! Parts of this course were absolutely rewiring my history and how life works. Stephanie, thank you for never taking “I can’t” for an answer, and for so profoundly influencing my life and our lives.” Lewis

“Yes, yes, yes! This work changes lives! Thank you for helping bring me back to life! Love” Cameron

“I just love being around you because you mirror parts of me and give me joyful permission to be freely me and I am ever grateful to launch myself into myself and then out to others, as you do so well. You remind me that grace, elegance, vulnerability and power can be completely woven into such a shimmering magical luscious and loving fabric. Love ☺” Yvonne

“Wow! I came into this course with no expectations, having never done any work like this before. So what initially started as fear of the unknown, has turned into something amazing. To begin on day 1 with 16 unknown personalities, it has unfolded into a total space of safety and acceptance. I have felt intense moments of emotion – from the lows to an immense and overwhelming joy and flow of pure energy that could light up worlds far away! It was an honour to be in everyone’s presence and be witness to such power in its rawest form. I have seen and experienced what it is like to be ones true self, a total connection with the cosmic and free flowing orgasmic energy we all hold. Loved everything! Loved you! Thank you Stephanie” Simone

“Stephanie weaves a tapestry full of movement – physically, emotionally and energetically. The laughter, resistance, tears and roars of both joy and release, and the body re-membering has been humbling. I felt held and safe in our container of exploration. I felt witnessed and honoured in my journey. I have been able to break down so many barriers of how I can see myself in my work. I have felt much joy in the integrating with my sensual self and bringing home my wounded child. She now feels safe and I feel capable of holding her. For the first time in my life I have “got it”. And last but not least I love that I can feel more orgasmic energy in myself and others in a safe and nurturing way. Thank you Stephanie.” Eve

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